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The Film Directors Academy Camden London 

(Day time 12 until 4pm). A maximum of 20 members per classroom.

12 months learning the award-winning educational programme (24 Principles of Screen Directing).


2 days per month with one free Directors show reel film scene to demonstrate your newly acquired skill set after 12 months.


4 days per month education with a free full Directors show reel package (2 scenes) to demonstrate your newly acquired skill set after 12 months. Depending on the standard you are archiving, there is additional opportunity to Direct scenes outside of your course (Paid work) linked to our film streaming platform Indie Film Rocket and its original films and discussed as you define your yearly term (IMDb listing as 2nd unit Director or Assistant Director variances dependant on need and requirement at the time of the movie). 

When your course begins, each class date is matched with all student availability at the beginning of each month.

Each lesson has personalised filming to analyse your Directing performances with 1 to 2 trained film actors from scripted scenes given in advance which is feed through our large screen projector to watch as we film.

This is uploaded shortly after each lesson with a unique password through The Film Directors Academy website on the Masterclass page.

We aspire to have a healthy culture for learning and ask for good energy and concentration in class. 


Mobile phones are to be kept on silent/vibrate during learning time but if you are expecting an urgent call, please let your film coach know at the beginning of the day. 


When classes are being operated, there is mainly one rule to stick by which is feedback will only come from the Film Director Coach and not the classroom.

On average, you will receive 2 to 3 new skills for acting per class, there may be more on occasion however this is generally the case in relation to learning with effective demonstration from the member.

We aim to film all performances with your consent which will be uploaded to our website film hub where you can analyse your performances and discuss with your coach the next time you attend.

Your monthly premium and deposit covers your 2 lessons per month one with 1 Directors show reel scene (Part-time) or 4  lessons per month with 2 Directors show reel scenes (Full-time) within a 12 month period.

Complete the form at the bottom of this page and claim your introductory free on-line meeting / lesson 


Inclusive of one Directors show-reel scene for your graduation assessment. 


Inclusive of two Directors show-reels for your graduation assessment.

Practical additional benefits with Academy learning.

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